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Pups n PopCulture - The Podcast for Dog Lovers

Sep 18, 2019

From big dog lover to small dog owner, Heather from Nature vs. Narcissism is here to talk about how she went from wanting a German Shepard to owning two lapdogs.

Gizmo is the smartest girl around and knows many commands, while Luna Bear a derp. Listen about their quirks, favourite foods, and the one time Gizmo...

Sep 10, 2019

Erica from Lez Represent joins me this week to talk about her menagerie and the 2002 movie Snow Dogs.

Erica has lots of pets on her farmlet, from cats, to horses and goats and one little ... Alien Prince? Listen as she tells me how her chihuahua Kovu rules over everyone and might actually be from another planet.

When we...

Sep 3, 2019

Time to practice your bend and snap! Koreena and Cassie from the CritterCast are here to talk all things Legally Blonde! We wonder if there is a better film that is funny, breaks down certain stereotypes and all while being the perfect dog movie? Bruiser is the centre of Elle Woods world and we have all the details on...

Aug 20, 2019

Is the 2018 British comedy, Patrick the most underrated dog movie? You'll find out when Stephanie joins Kate to chat about it this week.

Aug 13, 2019

Amanda is back to talk all things Coco! Kate had been holding off watching the 2017 Disney pixar movie, so was it worth the wait? Amanda had seen it before, was it as good this time around? Plus she has an update on Max and a furry visitor in her home.


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